What can I give my boyfriend randomly like how he gives me flowers?

by on January 25, 2011

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1 Peener 01.25.11 at 5:05 am

No. Hold MY peepee.

2 Lyss 01.25.11 at 5:17 am

Try making his favorite meal as a surprize? Maybe a mix cd of his favorite songs or maybe the two of you’s favorite songs? Maybe a tee shirt that you decorated yourself? All guys are different so it’s sorta hard for me to say.

3 Ashily 01.25.11 at 5:34 am

well you can take him out for dinner to his favorit place and have his friends there as a suprize, or you can make dinner and plan a party at home with your friends and his waiting.a ,or you can get him something he really wants like tickets to a game or whatever you think he likes. you could also just take him out somewhere. you could also rent a good movie he may have wanted to see so you guys can watch it together. or you guys could go away for the weekand on a vacation at a hotel neer the beach or something like that.

4 Raymond 01.25.11 at 6:03 am

Maybe cards here or there. Expressing all the thoughts and desires to him. If you are apart, put some lipstick on and give it a kiss. If you are there with him leave him love notes in his place where he will find them randomly. If you have a key, go in and do something like clean up his place if he needs, have a meal on the stove when he gets. Offer him a full body message….use your imagination. Think of things he loves to do etc. I don’t know about flowers, but my sweetheart sent a dozen helium Mylar balloons to my work a couple of times. Seeing everyone else see them come in felt so wonderful, knowing I am loved.

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