My Best Friend’s Birthday (Daja Edit) Part II

by on December 27, 2010

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1 ieatskotchtape 12.27.10 at 12:28 am

ur saying u got the actual 16mm film from Q himself?
w/e, can i rent this somewhere, or is it not actually a “public” movie?

2 MrDannyexx84 12.27.10 at 1:09 am

in this early movie,QT has gotten his taste for music straight already ;-)

3 Lyons194 12.27.10 at 1:28 am

Dude, walk the line fits perfectly with the circular pan-pool scene! Love it!!

4 Lyons194 12.27.10 at 2:21 am

about half of it did… :,( sucks doesn’t it?

5 papanurgle25 12.27.10 at 2:51 am

is there a full copy of this ANYWHERE? or did it alllllll get burnt up…

6 DennisDaja 12.27.10 at 3:35 am

Hello Max,

Tarantino filmed this 85 minutes long feature on 16 mm. He would rent equiptment on friday so he could wrok the entire weekend and pay less and eventually return it on monday. He started filming it in 1984 and finished in 1987. After the final cut of the film was made a fire in the edittingroom destroyed half of the footage. I found this half, cleaned it up and re-edited certain parts to improve the viewing experience.

7 masoodisdon 12.27.10 at 4:11 am


I think this film is so cool. I love the shots he used and the lighting of sets. Soundtracks really awesome. But how did he film this was is whilst he was workingnight and working at the video store in California. Can any one tell me was this filmed on 16mm. Also they didnt finish the film, so they manage to cut it. Did youy send it of to the festival?

bye for now

8 blbvideos 12.27.10 at 4:39 am

I enjoyed the scene when he was negotiating with the whore. I like how he panned panned around the subjects as Quentin’s characters tried to convince her. Its shows a bit of Tarantino’s style that he is known for today. Also its nice how his voice fads into the music once he knows that she will work. It demonstrates that just getting the girl was important.

9 lollerz16 12.27.10 at 4:45 am

dear god, you wouldnt know its the same writor would you? The script for this is pish. Cant belive the same guy wrote Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

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