Babies Breath

by on January 20, 2011

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1 Necator 01.20.11 at 1:16 pm

Score 8/10 (from the Score Me! group)

Seen in the group"Score Me! (post 1, score 5)" (?)

2 mustang00069 01.20.11 at 1:18 pm

Score _8_/10 (from the Score Me! group)

3 ~Liss 01.20.11 at 1:55 pm

9/10 she is gorgeous

4 Private Custard 01.20.11 at 1:58 pm

Nicely composed, great tones and lovely eyes :o )

Score 9/10 (from the Score Me! group)

5 geetarooman 01.20.11 at 2:55 pm

Such a lovely shot, and a great model =). I love the vibrancy in all the tones, they all are very fitting, and her eyes pop out quite nicely. One thing I would have done during the shoot was taken the branch that was cutting across her neck and break it because it’s a bit distracting against her face, and maybe break the branch that is to her side as well, because seeing as they are just brown and don’t have any flowers on them, they don’t grab your eye in the =O way. I’m debating whether or not I like the tattoo.. particularly the one on her eye.. I can’t tell if you added it or if she actually has that there. It’s interesting though, and a very nice shot =).

6 Johan_Leiden 01.20.11 at 3:09 pm

This is really a fairytale shot and she certainly looks like a woodnymph. The wonderful light really brings out her beautiful blue eyes very well, they are really the focusing point in the picture that draw the attention straight away. And her look towards the top left of the picture creates a very nice diagonal to where her hands holds the flowery branches.
The make-up has been well done, very subtle. The whole scene is very convincing.
The only thing that I see that could have been improved is the crop – unfortunately you have just cut off a small part of her necklace, I think it would have been slightly better to have that included, but I can imagine that you missed that since you were focusing on other aspects of the shot. Also it is not a raeally big deal.

7 Andrea Cantu 01.20.11 at 3:29 pm

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8 Tom Harper 01.20.11 at 4:08 pm

I’m afreaid I have to echo some of what has already been said as my first impression was this has a fairy tale quality. It apears very soft lighting yet the face is very sharp and the eyes incredible. Its very nicely composed with my eye being drawn imediatley to her face then following the line of her arm up to her hand and makes me wonder what she is thinking about.
The two thin branches that reach out across her neck and towards her eye are a little distracting and I feel the shot would have been better without them. Its often these small details that make the difference between a good shat and a truly great shot. The DoF looks good as its not too narrow and the background is plain enough not to be distracting yet has enough detail left in it so its clear what it is and for me helps add more to the feel of her being deep in some magical forest.

9 DearAgony_x 01.20.11 at 6:31 pm

@VictoriaDesire a deep breath as I gaze briefly over the home, glancing curiously at @TheDeadlySin and the three small babies- This is them?

10 LadysThunder 01.21.11 at 6:29 am

@mblaqph: Twitter Fan Meet will be delayed for 10 minutes because MBLAQ is still busy with MuBank. Hold your breath, babies.^^

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