Avril Lavigne Steals Girlfriend?! Clay Aiken Has Stank Feet!

by on January 24, 2011

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1 xxmeqqiexx 01.24.11 at 12:39 am

this was soo laame. i was bored DD:

2 Tiarocks506 01.24.11 at 1:22 am

this should be called what the fuck

3 LordEizen 01.24.11 at 2:15 am

u should be on fox news

4 LordEizen 01.24.11 at 3:00 am

@Amy92692 2 words: butt sex

5 MateusVIII 01.24.11 at 3:42 am

you say this stuf about gay people but you look like a big GAY guy!

6 rebecca24612 01.24.11 at 4:22 am

@CreativeInsanity hmmm u mean americna idol winner? hmm it hink she thought she was dat ugly and wanted to kill her self or maybe ………….:o i got nothing else

7 rebecca24612 01.24.11 at 4:28 am

dude ur saying clay akeins (watever his name is) is gay….this buck guy ish othing but gay!

8 CreativeInsanity 01.24.11 at 5:02 am

Do you have any thoughts on Fantasia’s attempted suicide?

9 TheGTASAMythHunter 01.24.11 at 5:13 am

@firework52 he is gay

10 KallistaHelm 01.30.11 at 6:30 am

I liked a YouTube video — Avril Lavigne Steals Girlfriend?! Clay Aiken Has Stank Feet! http://youtu.be/uhDpN9zuU9k?a

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