amy’s birthday

by on December 29, 2010

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1 dannymcboy1 12.29.10 at 10:37 pm


2 decepticonsfangirl 12.29.10 at 10:45 pm

@TenshiofLight21 And I’m one of ‘em! XD

That would be cool if that was true and they were real, I’d jump the first Transformer I see and pray they won’t kill me! XD

3 flamingbitch1408 12.29.10 at 10:54 pm

I don’t remember there being any Autobots like that thou so who knows but I believe some strange shit has been going on and when the newsreporters get involved something is up.

4 flamingbitch1408 12.29.10 at 11:49 pm

Hey all Name’s Tiff I just been readin some of these replies and I live in Boulder City Nevada and the person who had friends in Nevada what part of nevada are they from? The reason why I ask is because there have been sightenings here the news reporters were all over this place about crazy metor sightings. I have seen some strange shit too and there has been a black and yellow Camaro my cousin and her boyfriend got pictures of it and its got the Autobot symbol on the steering wheel

5 TenshiofLight21 12.30.10 at 12:33 am

@SchuetzeTechnology Pfft, not just any alien. Giant alien robots who turn into CORVETTEs for Primus sake! Who doesn’t want that?? LOL. Nah, if I ever did run into them, IF they were even real to begin with (remember, I’d have to poke a bot in the optic to believe it), I’d happily run away with then, and never tell anyone.

I wouldn’t want to share :( LOL

6 SchuetzeTechnology 12.30.10 at 1:01 am

@TenshiofLight21 lol iv never ment someone who really wants to be stalked by an alien. ok let me just say if u do run into one, b careful wat u say. cause they might think your out to spill bout them and leave u… u know not that I would know. dont ask questions on how i know…. ok fine gezz stop tourchering me. lol jk HOW EVER im not joking about that leaving thing. i used to b good friends with em. ya know that? lol

7 TenshiofLight21 12.30.10 at 1:31 am

@SchuetzeTechnology You’re in, huh? Literally. LOL I’d be ‘in’ too. So fast, the car would barely have time to process I’d hopped in, before I was squealing ‘Go! Go! GOO!!’. LOL

I haven’t had anything weird happen to me. :( These girls, living in Nevada as it were, are currently supposedly being followed around by a gorgeous BMW and a hot little Saleen Mustang Cruiser with the logo and Decepticon symbol and everything.

Huh, where’s my stalker?! :’(

8 SchuetzeTechnology 12.30.10 at 2:18 am

@TenshiofLight21 lol i was thinking the same thing! a nice corvet comes by, stops right by u and opens the car door with none inside. lol i would b like i dont care if this is an alien im in! lol that would b funny. yeah but there r some wierd things happenin at my place

9 rockernroll101 12.30.10 at 2:51 am

@AshandMaryK ok cool

10 TenshiofLight21 12.30.10 at 3:16 am

@decepticonsfangirl I was just thinking that… Or maybe they revived him with an errant shard of the Allspark when Bay realized just how big a fanbase Jazzie’s got. XD

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